Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose you to detail my car?


I have been trained by Kelly Harris from KDS Keltec (one of the best detailers/specialists in the UK). I have over 10 years of experience in many different aspects of the motor industry, from experience as a vehicle technician at Mercedes-Benz to refinishing vehicles by preparing, painting and machine polishing. I have a passion for making paintwork perfect.

If you are looking for the cheapest detailing service look elsewhere. Time taken, effort and skill-level are what counts and I price accordingly.

Can I pay by card or is it cash only?


We accept payment by bank transfer, cash and debit or credit card.

How far do you travel?


For valeting we cover a ten mile radius from central bristol and for detailing we travel up to one hour away from Bristol. If you live further away, please contact us.

Do I need to supply anything?


No, we are self sufficient, we carry our own water supply and power generator. All we require is enough space to work around your vehicle and park our van.

I don’t have a large garage, can you still detail my car?


For valeting and smaller detailing work we can do these in most places but subject to weather conditions. For level 3 detailing and above, providing there is enough space to put up a 4m x 6m Industrial Gazebo (with drive-in access from the 4m side). Also, we have use of a workshop in Filton for those without access to a large home garage.

What is the difference between a valet and a detail?


While there is some overlap between valeting and detailing. Detailing vehicles is superior to valeting as a lot more time, care and skill are required for exceptional results. For some people a valet is perfect for their needs offering a service that will satisfy the majority of customers.

Detailing is more a pursuit of perfection of vehicle paintwork, where skillful corrective machine polishing is used. It is a service for people who are passionate about their cars, people that want impossible levels of depth and gloss. Detailing includes the correction of the car as much as possible to factory condition, although we aim to recondition vehicles to better than showroom condition.

How long will it take?


This will depend entirely on which service you choose. Mini Valets will take from around 1-2 hours and Full Valets will take 3-5 hours depending on size and condition. We also have detailing services that may last 6 hours and those that may take 100 hours.

How often should I detail my car?


In an ideal world, we would have our car detailed to a high standard then protect it with ceramic coatings. The next step would be to carry out periodic maintenance details, every 3-6 months, for the longevity of our ownership.

The truth is, what your car requires is a personal choice and each person sees different things when they look into their paintwork. Combining this with mileage, storage, budget and a whole host of other questions makes it a unique answer for every client.

Is it useful to detail my car in winter?


Of course, having a Winter Protection Detail for winter will add great protection to your vehicle. It will form a protective barrier against road salt and the worst of the winter.

I have had my paintwork corrected before but now there are swirl marks all over, what am I doing wrong?


There are generally two reasons for this. The first is that the vehicle was not corrected to an acceptable standard when done. The second reason assumes a poor wash technique. There are many places on the web that will tell you how to wash a car properly. In general sticking to a few rules when taking care of your car will go a long way.

  • Do not use a sponge.
  • Use a wash mitt.
  • Use a shampoo that contains plenty of lubricants.
  • Use a rinse bucket and wash bucket with grit guards.
  • Use a car specific drying towel.

Can you get my paintwork perfect?


Tough question! A lot depends on the current condition, there are many factors that contribute to the outcome of the paintwork. Has the car been stored in a garage? How many miles has the car done? Has the vehicle been painted before? How old is the car? The questions are endless and every car unique.

In very general terms we can achieve perfection on new vehicles up to the 6 month mark. From here we can achieve around 99% up to 2 years old. For vehicles that are older, it becomes harder to judge but even these can be corrected to 99% with the right detail package. Obviously, there are many variables and the paint does have limitations.