Our Valeting and Detailing Upgrades

Bear’s Detailing offers a wide range of upgrades to treat your car. From removing scratches by machine polishing to re-invigorating leather through recolouring. We also fully decontaminate paint work and apply ceramic coatings.

We have valeting upgrades and detailing upgrades that allow you to fully customise the service you need.

Valeting Upgrades

Engine Bay ( Clean and Dress)

Safe degreasing, cleaning and dressing of the engine bay area and plastics.

From £30


This includes tar removal, fallout removal and clay bar to eliminate bonded contaminants.

From £35

Headlight Restoration

For cars with UV degraded headlights, we restore them back to clear.

From £45 (pair)

Minor Scratch Removal

This includes two stages of machine polishing.

From £20

Hard Wax

We offer a range of sealants and hard waxes to suit you and your vehicles needs.

From £30

Leather Conditioning

We will condition, restore and protect your leather.

From £20

Detailing Upgrades

Interior Detail

Our interior detail encompasses every surface on the interior of the car.

Everything is intricately cleaned and conditioned including leather, carpets, upholstery, all fabric and trim.


Engine Bay Detail

In-depth clean of the engine bay:

  • Remove excess debris
  • Degrease the underside of the bonnet and engine
  • Rinse off the bonnet and engine
  • Apply a protective coating
From £65

Headlight Restoration

Dull and cloudy UV damaged headlights can ruin the appearance of your car and hinder your visibility at night.

This will bring back that clarity and brand new look to the front end of your vehicle.

From £45 (pair)

Glass Treatment

We can offer a Gtechniq G1 Smart Glass rain repellent treatment. This is a great option for improved visibility and easy ice and snow removal. On most occasions, you won’t need to use your wipers when driving over 50mph.

From £35 (windscreen) / £60 (front, rear and side windows)

Glass Correction

Glass scratches in a drivers eyeline can be extremely irritating, we offer windscreen scratch removal. This is a process where we gently polish your windscreen eliminating those nasty scuffs and scratches leaving your windscreen looking clear. 

Quote upon request

Soft Top Roof Deep Clean and Seal

 This is hugely beneficial to keep your soft top looking good and healthy. By cleaning the roof and removing the mould, then treating it with Gtechniq I1 fabric guard, it will allow the top to last longer and repel water like it used to. Therefore protecting your top from water, dirt, grease and sun damage for up to a year.

From £85

Wheel Removal and Seal

  • Removal of the wheel
  • Thorough deep cleaning of the tyre, the wheel outer face and inner barrel
  • Sealant application to the wheel
  • Dressing for the tyre

The coating gives protection from brake dust and tar and also means that your wheels will be easier to clean in the future.

For an extra level of protection, we use Gtechniq C5 Wheel Armour for an additional £50.

From £80

Gtechniq Nano Coatings

The modern way to protect your paintwork from swirl marks, with exceptional hydrophobic properties, to keep your car looking beautiful for longer. Find out more about Ceramic Coatings.