Level 3 - Moderate Correction Detail

What's included?

Inadequate wash technique and automatic car washes will inflict swirl marks and scratches on your vehicle, this results in dull tired looking paintwork and lacklustre depth of colour.

Various defects can be removed ranging from light scrapes, watermarks, bird lime, and also marring from inexperienced detailers and body shops. Dark colours like black or dark blue tend to show up more defects than lighter ones like silver or white.

The moderate correction detail works in two stages: First, a cutting abrasive machine polishing stage which removes a very fine layer of the clear coat, lifting most surface defects. This stage leaves behind fine marring which will give a hologram effect. Second, a fine polish is used to remove traces of the cutting stage; this refines the finish to bring an outstanding gloss to the paintwork.

For vehicles with moderate swirl marks, we aim to correct the paint finish to 85%.

With our two-stage correction, we’ll apply a long-lasting wax or sealant suited to your vehicle and its intended use.  If you have a product in mind we are happy to help you decide what is right for you and your vehicle.

  • Comprehensive wash process using 2 bucket method
  • Wheel arches pressure-washed
  • Wheels cleaned using non-acidic alloy wheel cleaner
  • Clay bar used to remove bonded contaminants from paintwork
  • Paint depth readings taken
  • Two-stage machine polish paint correction completed
  • Paintwork checked
  • Vehicle wiped down with isopropyl alcohol to make sure surfaces are clean
  • Wax/Sealant applied
  • Exterior plastics dressed
  • Door shuts waxed
  • Door seals and rubbers cleaned and protected
  • Exterior glass cleaned
  • Tyres cleaned and dressed
  • Final inspection
  • The moderate correction detail is intended for vehicles with medium level paint imperfections.
  • 3-5 Days Booking
  • From £520

Compare with...

  • Entry-level package with deep clean, decontamination and application of wax/sealant.
  • 2-3 Days Booking
  • From £290
  • Popular with owners of cars that are over 3 years old, it is recommended as the upper-most service for daily driven cars.
  • 4-6 Days Booking
  • From £840