Level 1 - Protection Detail

What's included?

Entry-level package. Your vehicle will be extensively deep cleaned, including the removal of contamination from the paintwork and the application of long-lasting protection from a high-quality wax/sealant.

  • Comprehensive wash process using 2 bucket method
  • Wheel arches pressure-washed
  • Wheels cleaned using non-acidic alloy wheel cleaner
  • Clay bar used to remove bonded contaminants from paintwork
  • Vehicle wiped down with isopropyl alcohol to make sure surfaces are clean
  • Glaze applied
  • Wax/Sealant applied
  • Exterior plastics dressed
  • Door shuts waxed
  • Door seals and rubbers cleaned and protected
  • Interior dusted, cleaned and vacuumed
  • Interior plastics dressed
  • Interior and exterior glass cleaned
  • Tyres cleaned and dressed
  • Stainless steel/chrome cleaned and polished
  • Final inspection
  • This is the perfect entry-level detail for those that want amazing levels of gloss and protection while on a budget.
  • 1-2 Day Booking
  • From £225

Compare with...

Our enhancement detail employs a single stage machine polish to correct minor paint imperfections.

  • Single-stage machine polishing included
  • 2-3 Day bookings
  • From £290