Our Ceramic Coatings

Bear’s Detailing offers a variety of ceramic coatings and other options to protect your car’s exterior and interior.

We use a few different brands for nano ceramic coatings and tailor our recommendations to suit your needs. If you have a product in mind, we’ll be happy to accomodate. These coatings offer years of protection to a vehicles paintwork instead of months. These are not to be confused with main dealer applied protection, which are generally lacklustre if applied at all.

Our go-to ceramic products are manufactured by Gtechniq, CarPro and Ceramic Nano Science. In most circumstances, these coatings do require a lot of preparation. For new cars, we recommend the protection detail. For cars that have more miles on the clock, we suggest from a Level 2 upwards but this will vary from car to car.

We offer many ceramic coatings and interior coatings to suit all budgets and requirements. The ceramic coatings we use range from £100 to £400, depending on the product and vehicle size.

If you are not sure what to go for, contact us and we’ll help you choose the right product for your car.

Crystal Serum Light

When it comes to adding gloss, resisting swirls, contaminant and dirt repellency, Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light is up there in the world of paint protection.

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  • Serum Light forms an ultra- durable, high-gloss, slick to the touch, chemically bonding inorganic layer of 9h optically clear ceramic.  Once applied, gloss levels will remain in the upper 90th percentile for significantly longer when compared to traditional paint protection products, and cleaning your car will be a breeze.
  • The high density ceramic layer is resistant to chemicals ranging from pH2 – pH12.  This characteristic also makes bonded contaminants such as tree sap, tar, and hard water spots, easy to remove.
  • Unlike mainstream wax and organic polymer coatings, Serum Light can resist much higher and lower temperatures.  It can resist temperatures as low as -40°C to as high as +250°C.


Up to 2 years on a daily driven car, same great gloss, water and dirt repellency.

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Why use Gtechniq EXOv4?

EXOv4 delivers a hard film that makes water-spots easy to remove, offers great resistance to all wash chemicals and can help withstand micro-marring. It produces a high-gloss, warm-looking, extreme hydrophobic finish.

EXO delivers a consistent film that is more durable and resistant to road salt and wash chemicals than its predecessors.

All of the above combined with the introduction of a good degree of swirl resistance means EXOv4 represents a major leap forward in Last Surface Protection (LSP) technology.

CSL Black

This is a beautiful combination providing the benefits of both Crystal Serum Light and EXOv4.

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Crystal Serum Light

  • Swirl mark and chemical resistance
  • Incredible gloss
  • 3 to 5 years durability

EXOv4 Ultra Durable Hydrophobic Coating

  • Improved durability
  • Great gloss, water and dirt repellency

Why use Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light overcoated with EXOv4 Ultra Durable Hydrophobic Coating?

Crystal Serum Light is an excellent, stand-alone coating offering unparalleled gloss and gloss retention through its superb resistance to wash swirls. However, its water repellency falls short of what EXO has to offer. Therefore, if you want the best for your car – remarkable swirl resistance and water repellency, then this option certainly is for you

Ceramic Nano Science - Coating Farm - Ceramic King 9H

Ceramic King has brilliant gloss, scratch resistance, chemical resistance and durability. Can be applied to paint, plastic, aluminium and chrome

  • 2 years protection.
  • 9H Hardness.

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  • Durability: 24 Months durability (Will vary according to environment)
  • Hardness: 9H Pencil Hardness
  • Water Repellency: 105° at 20 μL, glass
  • Oil Repellency 65° at 20 μL, glass
  • Roll off angle 10~15° at 20 μL, glass
  • Coating Thickness: 400~600

CarPro CQuartz CQUK 3.0

The exclusive new 60% SiO2 with 99.9% purity formula made for hot or cold temp environment applications. CQUK is based on the same technology as the original Cquartz with some interesting tweaks. Current glass coating products had 2% of SiO2 in the product however CQUK has 60% SiO2 with 99.9% purity.

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This is the first ever nano silica coat which has this concentration! The pure percentage ensures the most transparent glass coat film over the surface. This guarantees long lasting coating with extreme strength resistance and water-repellency. Once the liquid meets the open air it cures and forms a ceramic quartz hard coating on the surface with extreme hydrophobicity.

Why SiO2?

SiO2 is one of the hardest material in the world. It creates a very clear but still long lasting hard coating on automotive surfaces.


  • CQUK has 60% SiO2 with 99.9% purity
  • Average thickness of Cquartz UK layer is between 1 µm ~2.5 µm.
  • Minor swirl filling abilities
  • Cquartz UK offers an extremely durable hard glass coat which can protect for more than 2 years against minor scratches, acid rain, corrosive traffic film, tar and harmful UV rays.
  • As well as protecting it also offers a deep, rich gloss with self cleaning properties, making future washing of your vehicle, faster and easier. CQ UK can prevent 50% of light wash marring.
  • Ultra hard CQuartz UK contains ceramic nano particles found within glass, the result is a highly reflective, transparent layer.
  • Once applied, Cquartz forms a strong chemical bond, cross linking during the curing process. This offers excellent durability, with a high level of gloss & reflectivity.
  • Cquartz UK active ingredients form a precise and uniformed level layer, giving strong water and oil repellence. Thus preventing stains on the paints surface.
  • Resists extremely high temperatures. Feel free to coat engine components and wheels, etc that correspond to the materials shown.
  • Can also be layered or topped with CarPro Gliss for added durability

CarPro Gliss Hyper Slick Top Coating

CarPro Gliss Hyper Slick Top Coat offers a slick and smooth next generation top coat as well as a stand-alone nano-coat. The anti-static formula is non-oily and resists dust retention. This product adds thickness to your existing coat when used as a top coat and enhances resistance to water spots and mineral stains.

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It aslo offers extreme hydrophobic effect and enhances gloss and life of any ceramic coating.

Gtechniq G1 + G4
ClearVision Smart Glass

This option offers the best solution for a car’s window screen during winter months. With G1 ClearVision Smart Glass on your windscreen and G4 Nanotech Glass Polish to polish windows, you can say goodbye to smears and benefit from superb visibility in all weathers.

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Why use G1 ClearVision Smart Glass and G4 Nanotech Glass Polish?
Better visibility in rain, sleet, fog and snow, this kit is all about clear vision and safety. Not only does using G1 result in self clearing glass, the fact that it helps them to remain grime-free also helps to reduce eye fatigue, which is known to lead to drowsiness and loss of concentration when driving.

Gtechniq G5 + G4
Max Repellency

This option provides the best solution for cars that face city driving on a day-to-day basis. G4 Glass Nano Polish will prepare a car’s glass ready for G5 Water Repellent Coating for Glass and Perspex, which will mean water will roll off the car at inner city speeds, and dirt, bugs, and grime, will be easier to remove.

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Why use Gtechniq G5 Water Repellent Coating for Glass and Perspex?


With non-factory applied glass coatings there is a direct trade off between longevity and repellency.  G5 offers maximum repellency, but is less durable than our G1 ClearVision Smart Glass coating. Water will blow off car screens at speeds as low as 30mph and on vertical glass water will roll off and leave a virtually spotless surface.  Any glass coated in G5 will stay cleaner for longer and any contaminants such as bugs, bird droppings and ice will be easier to remove.

Not sure what ceramic coating to choose?

Send us an email and we’ll help you narrow it down. Don’t forget, ceramic coatings are not always a good choice for every individual or vehicle.

One more thing, ceramic coatings are not bullet proof!